Student Complaints

The University of South Carolina Aiken promotes a positive learning environment. Students should feel free to openly and readily express any concerns and to informally resolve those concerns through a dialogue. In instances where in the student’s judgment, he/she has been treated unfairly or improperly, a standardized, formal process for seeking a resolution exists. Written complaints or grievances are processed in a rigorous and robust manner with records of actions maintained by university officials. The university’s role is to protect the rights and privileges of all parties involved.

Students seeking redress of grievances may do so without fear of reprisal. Students enrolled in USCA off-campus programs, once a Change of School Form has been completed, shall be entitled to relief from any academic complaint or grievance through the student grievance procedure established in the applicable USC Regional Campus Student Handbook. After a judgment has been rendered on that campus, an appeal to the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at Aiken and a subsequent appeal to the USC Aiken Chancellor may be made.

Students should follow the Student Grievance Procedure outlined on page 53 in the Student Handbook. If students are uncertain to whom or where to address a written complaint, they can contact the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

State Authorization Complaints

For an out-of-state student participating in online programs at USC Aiken, if a complaint cannot be resolved using the appropriate USC Aiken processes listed above, the student may file a complaint with the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education.