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Academic Assessment

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness assists faculty, staff and administrators in gathering data to evaluate the effectiveness of USCA programs and services. Our office submits Institutional Effectiveness Reports to the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education each Fall.

Academic Assessment Policy

As the means for analyzing, evaluating, and improving the curriculum and the learning process, academic assessment at USCA is an ongoing activity at multiple levels that focuses on the extent to which goals for learning outcomes are being met. Faculty in each program have the primary responsibility for determining the appropriateness of these educational outcomes, which extend beyond student performance as registered by final course grades, as well as the methods and instruments for evaluating the level at which the outcomes have been accomplished. Because assessment methods should be chosen to evaluate the extent to which educational outcomes are achieved, different methods of assessment may be appropriate for different programs.

Each academic unit implements an ongoing assessment program that clearly articulates goals and objectives for student learning, measures these outcomes on a regular basis at several points in the program and in multiple ways, analyzes the findings, and uses the results for curricular improvements and adjustments. Academic units are also responsible for assessing the extent of learning outcomes in general education courses delivered by their unit, and the Assessment Committee is responsible for coordinating the overall assessment program for general education. Each academic unit submits full reports on its assessment activities to the Assessment Committee every three years for review. Progress reports are submitted on an annual basis to Academic Council and the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

The results of program assessment may not be used for the evaluation of faculty or administrators, for making comparisons among faculty, or as a basis for dismissal or reduction of salaries.

March 26, 2004 (Assembly)
June 30, 2004 (B.O.T.)