Academic Services Committee

The Academic Services Committee is a standing committee of USCA's Faculty Assembly. The pupose of the committee is: to serve in an advisory capacity, recommending policies concerning the development and utilization of academic services which include Computer Services, Instructional Services, Printing, the USCA Bookstore, and other instructional support services other than the Library. The Committee will serve as a liaison between the Director of Academic Success Center and the faculty.  On a regular basis, the committee will work with representatives from each service area and with the Office of Institutional Effectiveness to review USCA academic services. Membership will include seven (7) faculty (two representatives from each college, one representative from each school); the  Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance, the Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Services, the Director of the Academic Success Center, the Vice Chancellor for Information Technology, and the Director of Institutional Effectiveness, ex officio.

Committee Members