Information Request Form

In an effort to efficiently provide you with reliable and timely service, please read the following before submitting a request to IE. The data you need may already be available. Trends, summary statistics and benchmarking data are provided in several locations including the Common Data Sets, Factbooks, Retention & Graduation Rates, Credit Hour Production Reports, PacerDash; and via several external reports such as our College Portrait (.PDF), State Accountability and Institutional Effectiveness Reports.  Lists of students based upon specific selection criteria can be generated using some of the interactive tools that have been developed and maintained by the IE Office. 

If the information you seek is not available on our web site, please complete and submit the request form below. This will allow us to monitor trends in requested information, thus making us more aware of campus needs for the future.

When submitting your request, please be very specific in describing the data you need. Be sure to include any criteria by which the data should be selected, compared or sorted (e.g. Fall 98, New Freshmen vs. New Transfers, by department, etc.).Within 48 hours of receiving your request, we will contact you to notify you as to when you can expect your information.  The execution time of your request may vary, depending on the time of year, complexity of request and number of pending requests.

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Do you need data to be provided as a report (e.g., summarized using statistics such as averages, totals, etc) or as a list (e.g., students selected based upon selection criteria)? Data Report
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