1. External Reporting & Accountability. Federal and state agencies as well as national publications and organizations will receive accurate institutional information in a timely manner.

  • 1a. State, Federal, and oversight agencies will receive timely and accurate reports.
  • 1b. External publishers will receive timely and accurate institutional information.
  • 1c. Constituencies will have access to institutional information via the internet.

2. Internal Data Requests & Decision Support. Internal constituencies will receive regular reports about institutional data and will have access to information necessary for daily operations and strategic decision making.

  • 2a. Internal Constituencies will have access to data and information necessary to support daily operations and timely and strategic decision making.
  • 2b. Internal constituencies will be provided institutional research services, documents, reports, and presentations to facilitate strategic decision making.
  • 2c. Faculty and staff will be provided training on the use of interactive tools, dynamic reports, and software in an effort to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of operations.

3. Assessment & Planning. Academic and administrative units will engage in sound research-based assessment practices and use findings for long-term planning and improvement.

  • 3a. Administrative and academic departments will be provided support for and assistance in implementing effective annual program reviews.
  • 3b. Administrative and academic departments will be provided assistance in the use of standardized tests and surveys in their assessment efforts.
  • 3c. The strategic planning committee will be provided administrative support to facilitate timely and accurate decisions and to document progress on the implementation of strategic initiatives.
  • 3d. Internal constituents will be provided data via standardized institutional surveys and benchmarking tools to establish quality indicators and appropriate strategic targets for key performance measures.

4. Evaluation Services. Internal constituencies will receive regular evaluative surveys that document the relative strengths and areas for improvement of personnel.

  • 4a. University administrators, managers and search committees will receive regular and timely feedback on the effectiveness of personnel and the viability of candidates.
  • 4b. Course instructors will receive feedback on the effectiveness of their teaching each semester.

5. Accreditation & Compliance. Internal constituencies will be provided administrative guidance and support to ensure compliance with legislative statutes and accrediting standards.

  • 5a. The Commission on Colleges for the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools will receive all documentation required to ensure institutional compliance including, but not limited to, Institutional profiles, Financial profiles, and notification of substantive changes.
  • 5b. Institutional stakeholders will be provided coordinating oversight services to faciliate the development and implementation of a quality enhancement plan and the successful submission of complance certification.
  • 5c. The public will be provided full disclosure reports as required by the Higher Education Act of 1965, the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, and any other pertinent Federal or State legislation.