Pacer Dash

Welcome to USC Aiken's Dashboard. Feel free to explore many of the key metrics the University tracks over time by selecting among the various options from the menu above. Data for Pacer Dash are official values routinely reported to the National Center for Education Statistics, which in turn are provided to the public through NCES’s College Navigator website.

It is through NCES that institutions can run reports on key performance indicators using similar or aspirational peers to establish benchmarks. Such measures of relative standing on key indicators serve as a way through which the institution can gauge its quality and progress on strategic improvement efforts, and they serve as an indicator of USC Aiken’s commitment to openness and public accountability. The institutions that make up the various peer groups to which USC Aiken compares itself can be found on the Peer Groups Dashboard.

To exit Pacer Dash, you can choose either the Institutional Effectiveness homepage or the Universty's home page under the exit option in the menu. Technical questions or suggestions on improvements to Pacer Dash should be directed to Lloyd Dawe, Director of Institutional Effectiveness.