Enrollment at the University of South Carolina Aiken is not static -- students are admitted on a continuous basis with new classes starting approximately every 8 weeks, students can move between full-time and part-time status as they withdraw from and/or add classes, and students can transfer in and out of the institution. To facilitate comparisons among institutions in formal accountability reports, official freeze dates are set each semester; enrollment on the Fall freeze date serves as the official headcount for the academic year. Planning and budgetary decisions are often made based upon enrollment; thus enrollment headcount and FTE (full-time equivalence) are carefully monitored on a weekly basis from the start of registration to the freeze date. As a relative measure of the enrollment, comparisons are made of current enrollment on a given date to the same relative time in the previous year and to the official freeze date enrollment of the previous year. Enrollment comparisons for USC Aiken are available by selecting a calendar year and term. Similar reports for the entire USC system can be found on the USC Columbia's Office of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Analytics website.

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