Progam Review Archive

The program review archive serves as a repository for program review materials of all academic and co-curricular programs as well as administrative offices. These materials are collected in this location for easy access and reference via any computer with an internet connection.

Academic Program Reviews

Administrative Program Reviews

Program Review Guidelines

Each academic and administrative unit is expected to develop an assessment plan and collect appropriate assessment data on a scheduled basis throughout the year.  On an annual basis, these data are reviewed and decisions are made regarding the effectiveness of the program’s curriculum or office strategies.  Actions plans are developed and documented.  To facilitate the collection of data in accordance with the institutional effectiveness standards of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and to minimize reporting burdens on units, USC Aiken employs the TracDat assessment software.

For help with using TracDat software, please see the user guide or call the office of Institutional Effectiveness office.

TracDat User Guide